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January - "2018: We Wouldn't be Surprised if..."

February - "What Worries us the Most"

March - "Tax Reform Tidbits"

April - "Show a Little Love"

May - "What a Great Gift!"

June - "How to be a Great Investor"

July - "Your Home as an Investment"

August - "Washington Politics? The Markets Shrug"

September - "Hey Little Lady. . . Wanna Buy an Annuity?"

October - "Annuities Aren't Always a Bad Choice"



January - "Dow 25,000!"

February - "Can We Be Nice Now?"

March - "Our Work: Fulfilling and Challenging"

April - "What's in a Name?"

May - "Don't Get Cocky"

June - "Jobs and Unemployment: It's Complicated"

July - "The Point of No Return"

August"I Can't Find Money to Save"

September - "When a Little Pain is Good for Your Portfolio"

October - "When the Party Ends"

November - "Need a Hand?"



November - "The Coming Recession"

October - "Hillary? Donald? Who Will the Markets Like?"

September - "Brexit Shmexit!"

August - "Retirement Will Throw You Some Curveballs"

July"Getting Better, Feeling Worse"

June - "Is Diversification a Drag?"

May - "Fool's Gold"

April -“The Key to Happiness May be in Your Pocket"

March -“What You Need To Know?"

February -“The Markets are Collapsing: Time to Cash Out?"

January -“Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early?"


November - "Why So Many Investors Fail"

October -"...and Now for Some Good News"

September -"Will Markets Tumble When the Fed Raises Rates?"

August -"Your Home Can Be a Lousy Investment"

July -"Are Our Kids Financially Illiterate?"

June -"Straight Talk About Retirement"

May -"Waiting for the Shoe to Drop"

April -“Beating the Market”

March -“Scam!”

February -“Markets Shudder at Dropping Oil Prices!”

January -"Surviving 2015"


November - "With Thanks" 

October - "Retirement Preparedness: It’s Not All Bad News”

September -"Investor Complacency? Anything But . . ."

August -"Social Security: Don't Make a $200,000 Mistake"

July -"Too Much of Everything is Never Enough"

June - "Hammer Time"

May -"The Mighty Dollar"

April - "Sometimes Doing Nothing is a Good Thing"

March -"Investing Over There"

February -"Is the Stock Market Too High?"

January -"Financial Success Shouldn't be Hard"